Team Flight Group is where Progress is the Process!


We help teams enhance optimum performance in Business, Sports and Entertainment. Over the years, the Group have acquired and partnered with other businesses under the

Team Flight Group.


Maximillion Simon is an Elite Life & Performance Coach, and Founder of Team Flight Group. Coming from a deep Sports background, the athlete has had a unique ability to invest and grow businesses during his professional Athletic Career.

Maximillion has amassed a wealth of experience, having lived in 10 different countries, spanning 4 continents! On his adventurous journey, Team Flight Group has touched many people's lives, enriching individuals, groups and communities, enhancing perspectives around the globe.  

"The dream is Progress, in everybody and everything!" Maximillion Simon. 

Our slogan Progress is the Process definitely defines the culture of Team Flight Group, and what we want to bring to the world! 

We bring top programs to Businesses, Sports/Entertainment organisations to enhance optimum team performance. The goal is that through this, these influential industries can work better to continue bringing more light into the world.

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