Corporate Team performance  


Is there a lot of change happening in your business or organisation?... Are the teams within the organisation handling change at an optimum level? 


The world is changing, and business industries are moving at the quickest pace the world has ever seen. 

Adaptability to change is one of the most important skills teams will need to evolve, and move forward through these rapidly changing times and beyond.

With the explosive rise in Technology, the shift in Consumer needs and Transitions into highly evolving employee roles for billions of people across all sectors, it’s time for teams to become battle ready!


In this 2.5hr session, your team will be taken on a journey through Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health and Wellbeing. 


  • The team will be taught valuable tools to enhance optimum team performance.

  • Multiple sharing/debate sessions, promoting communication and team chemistry.

  • Taking part in challenging teamwork tasks to encourage problem solving and adaptability.

  • Short presentation on Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health awareness.

  • Team Performance Data

  • Free extras! Including follow ups and materials.


This program is fantastic for Corporate days and events for your business! 

If you and your team are interested in this special program, send over an email at ( or book your free Strategy Session today online!

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