Maximillion Simon 
Founder, Team Flight Group

Growing up in a Sports family of mostly Boxing and Athletics, Maximillion was exposed to a very active lifestyle from a very young age. At around 10, Maximillion and family moved to the island of Tenerife, where his family opened a Boxing Gym and where his adventurous life begins.

At 12 years old, he started his Spiritual and Personal Development journey. At this early age, he began to sit with teachers voluntarily from all different religious and cultural perspectives, with a burning desire to learn more about himself and the world. At this tender age, he created his first job, teaching a middle aged Cuban lady English. In addition, Maximillion lead beginner Boxing sessions at the gym for groups over twice his age, and had his very own sports drink stall there to initiate his learning in sales.

At this precious stage, he also touched a basketball for the first time, it'll change his life forever! He was selected to start playing for the best Basketball Academy on the Island, beginning his long sports career. 


Now bilingual in English and Spanish, he returns to the London years later, to continue his education and development. Keeping the ball in his hands, after graduating with a degree in Creative Music and Technology, he embarks on a journey as a Professional Basketball player.

In 2011, Maximillion becomes Founder of Team Flight Group. His first businesses evolve in Life Coaching, Fitness, and Language Training. During his travels pursuing life in basketball, he continued to grow his business simultaneously, and this great combination launches Maximillion around the globe.


Since then, he has lived in Europe, America (North & South), Asia and Australasia living out his dream! One of his highlights was building a High end Leisure & Entertainment business from zero to operational in Dubai, one of the most competitive markets in the world! Learning from all different cultures and traditions, life experiences like this and many more, has enhanced Maximillion's abilities in his life and ongoing businesses. 

He himself along the way has inspired countless others, in many different nations sharing his vast knowledge and life experiences as an Elite Life & Performance Coach.

Most recently he has been honoured by collaborating with Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. Team Flight Group hosted an Internship program in Leadership & Communication for their select Medical students. He is also currently a Mentor at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.


He has written 2 books that are currently in editing, and has 2 more on the way!  

Maximillion continues to grow his business internationally through his programs and keynote speaking engagements, spreading his overall message that "Progress is the Process".

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