Many of us have trouble finding our way, or attracting the people we want in our lives. Why is it like this? Why can’t I find what I’m looking for in others?

Firstly to state the obvious is that we are all different and every single one of us is unique. Although we are in a society where we are all trying to be “Different” and by doing that all ending up the same… But that’s for another post.

Yes we are all different and when finding friends or partners, it can be very hard to find someone you mesh with or to find that common connection. What we do know is that when we find and feel that connection (If you have felt it before) It’s one of the greatest feelings ever!

The way how many of us live our lives is through wanting, and not for much other reasons than just wanting. This usually leads us to waiting for that thing/person or energy to come to us on a silver platter!

In my opinion, gaining something as great as that connection does not come that easy (My prior post on Stress Management “Nothing worth something comes easy” would explain more about that).

Questions like “Why can’t I find a this certain connection with somebody or these people? ” is not always a valid question to ask. That question is solely based on self and has nothing to do with the person/people you are asking for.

Why not try to ask this question… “Do I have the qualities of the person I am looking for?” So…I’m not asking you to be the same as the person you are looking for because we are already different anyway. What angle I’m pointing out is this… Are you fully aware of what you are asking for? Is it simply because you want something that you should have it? Also why should a connection that special be so easily obtained by simply wanting?

Sometimes it’s not what you are attracted to, it’s what you attract as a person that can be blamed for certain company you may have kept. So by being more like the person/people you are looking for, will give that energy into the universe that extra kick into finding your match/es. Obviously if you are looking for traits like “Dangerous” and “Crazy”, that’s what could come your way so I’m not judging but know what you are looking for.

Exercise: Get a pen and paper, write down the traits that you are looking for in a person/people. Write at least 8 different traits

Once you are done, tick besides the words that you feel that you already portray as a person in your daily life. Be honest with yourself!

If you’ve ticked them all then congratulations! That is not easy to do, so keep working at things as there’s always something we can all improve on!

Now more importantly with the people that have ones UN-ticked, take a look at those and see what you can improve on as a person daily. Try to implement these traits in small doses everyday and take your time, it’s the effort that counts at this point!

Doing this would make it clear that you are willing to work for that connection that is so special.  These efforts towards what you want, will show that you don’t just “want” but also that you mean business. Soon enough you’ll see that you’ll start attracting the right people into your life with just a little bit of selflessness and effort!

Thanks for reading guys and enjoy the energies you’ll bring into your life. I’m looking forward to doing the exercise myself and find out what person/people are around the corner in my life!

Thanks again!

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