We all have or currently are guilty of “Falling in love with the temporary”. Let me explain.

Although it sounds cheesy, we do live in a consumerism world where objects and possessions reign supreme over the earth. We fall in love with name brands, daily customs and basically whatever the world at the time is telling us to love.

We are made to believe that the objects we crave for everyday are from our own minds and inspiration alone. That’s the smartness of it all! and it’s great business

First of all I admire these ways of business because that’s the way the world goes round and as I said in prior posts “All is necessary”. What I’m focusing on today is on the attachment to these objects to the point where it is acting negatively in your life subconsciously.

Feelings like:

Our thoughts of how we look or how we are perceived by other peopleRebellion against our harsh childhoods and decision to never again be without!Even what we do today to just to get a Facebook Like :).

These are harsh realities that are around us everyday. Then while we feel like we are filling that void by getting the new IPhone or getting a fake high off of coffee, you’ll only be back in a few months when the IPhone upgrade is out or in a few hours in the cafe when you think your energy is low for that quick fix coffee. “Love of the temporary”

The only real thing of note that happens is that the 1% of the world population that holds 99% of the worlds money, gets richer!

That’s all that really happens and our consumerism world sponsors this. The 1% are just sitting back laughing at people queuing for their daily so called “needs”, or in some cases even queuing for days to get their hands on the new product sensation.

Although I must admit, not all of the so called “needs”are bad and do give you some form of entertainment or satisfaction. It’s very healthy to like and enjoy nice objects/experiences but I tend to avoid emotionally depending on them and invest that energy into more permanent situations in my life like my health and loved ones.

The point I’m trying to make is that we are creatures of habit and these behavioral aspects within us, can quickly shape other parts of our lives.

The moment you feel that feeling of wanting one of your frequent “needs”. It’s like a trigger and it can be dangerous, because it shows how much you’ve emotionally invested into an object, especially a temporary one.

When you don’t receive that “need” it could really become a problem and without knowing, you are subconsciously setting yourself up for harsh habits.

For example, we wonder why our relationships don’t work. Our habits in loving the temporary, has stopped us from loving the permanent. We’ve become accustom to getting our “next fix” All so frequently, so we forget how to appreciate and value what could possibly be permanent in our lives; Such as a partner, slow burning energy foods, family, peace of mind, true friends etc…

In conclusion, I feel that we can enjoy all the fruits the world has to offer but at the same time we need to know where to draw the line. Our realities depend on it because we can not just switch our habits off and on like a radio, they are part of our instincts and our everyday life.

I have habits that I’m trying to control and like most things, it’s easier said than done! Lets remember to Love permanence and just enjoy the temporary… Not vice-versa !

Thanks for reading! You guys are great.

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