Peace of Mind- Not what it seems!

Updated: May 29, 2019

Is a peace of mind, all its cracked up to be? Let's delve in and take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Everyone seems to be searching for a Peace Of Mind, I guess we can call it one of life’s treasures… Is it?

I’m writing about this subject today to create awareness about what true happiness may mean for us and in my opinion, we should all be vigilant.

Today I’ll take you through 3 stages of feeling/states I’m going to use to explain:

The Matrix- Just like in this legendary movie, this stage is what I would express as our “everyday mind”. Our physical world that comes with its rules and limits, which in turn funnels us into feeling/states which accompany that.

Stress, Instinct, Defensive, Offensive,Physical, Exhaustion, Materialism, Hunger, Survival etc..

I imagine for most of us including me, The Matrix is an everyday struggle, that’s why we try to use an escape via a holiday lets say. This is where the second stage I’ll talk about today comes into play, Peace Of Mind.

Peace Of Mind- Many would think this is the highest stage of mind and end up searching for this as the top of their emotional mountain. Although this state is hard enough as it is to obtain, the occasional holiday, birthday etc… Is just as quick fix.

Calmness, Silence, Content, Happiness, Relaxation, Understanding, Discernment, Forgiveness, Relief Etc..

Sounds like the jackpot, is it? This State of mind although amazing, has also led people into a grey/limbo area of existence. Many times we feel like there’s no more to reach for, but there is so much more and remember your Peace Of Mind is reliant on the condition of your Matrix. This make this stage very vulnerable and in many cases temporary.

Imagine these stages being gears in a car. The Matrix is “Reverse”and Peace of Mind is “Neutral”. It’s great but after a while, we still are not moving forward… This leads me on to my final stage which is Joy! “Full Throttle”

Joy!- Joy is where we should all be reaching for and take every moment it has to give to us. Most of us only experience this on special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays etc.. But we have access to this state of mind everyday.

Excitement, Energy, Wonder, Adventure, Positivity, Elevation, Abundance, Control etc…

Joy is a place that doesn’t depend on The Matrix  or a Peace of Mind, you’ve finally let go and you’re allowing yourself to move forward no matter what’s in the way. How is that feeling on Christmas morning? Or when you win a game with only seconds to go? When you fell in love for the first time? When your child was born? Etc…


You know this stage, much more than you think. Just don’t be a stranger to it, you have the power and it’s right there if we reach for it. As corny as it sounds, we have to Believe… Why? Because you’re dammed if you don’t anyways, might as well go out swinging than laying on your back and getting counted out.

As always thanks for reading! Next time I’ll write some tips on how to move through these stages although you can find some in my previous posts.

I’ll leave you with a quote of mine.

“That’s what Life is, its a never ending story.. Just make sure you’re in it”- Maximillion Simon

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