“Asking yourself questions is not doubting, it’s trying to find your way. The answers, good or bad, will always give you new knowledge” Maximillion Simon

We don’t know everything but in many cases our belief systems, from our personal ways to religion, has stopped us from asking ourselves questions. We just believe because that’s what we’ve been told to do, or don’t change ourselves because we can’t see any other points of view.

To progress or get better at something, it always requires change, and to change requires you to question your current state of mind. A lot of the world see asking questions as a weakness. Even I feel like this at times and it has stopped me from asking questions because I’m either too embarrassed or don’t want to feel vulnerable. Not doing this can really stop personal growth and create issues that we may face in future.

In my opinion, questioning yourself is not a matter of right and wrong because that could affect ones self confidence/esteem. It’s more about being open to understanding other ways/views so you can take from it what you will. It’s about gaining more knowledge so you have the power to use it or not.. It’s about the power of “Choice and Flexibility”. Without the knowledge choices are limited and in this world full of variety, that isn’t exactly the best situation to be in.

In conclusion, to question our beliefs are good. It gives us affirmation and an opportunity to progress them. Anything branded “Strong”, had to be tested to achieve such a title. Ask questions, gain knowledge and be happy!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m also trying to implement this into my lifestyle and facing these things are never easy. As I always say, we are all learning and we are all on a journey.

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