“Don’t let having less talent or fortune get in the way. It’s all about passion, for that’s where the heart is and the heart holds the key to success” Maximillion Simon

Many things stop us from achieving our goals and self motivation is one of them, it can be very hard to find it. There’s been countless times where I’ve sat and said to myself, “How am I going to achieve this?” “Where do I go from here?” I have a personal story I’d like to share.

I had just started out playing basketball and was starting thinking about taking it seriously. I was 12yrs old bouncing a tennis ball to school. A real basketball and basketball trainers wasn’t available at the time due to finances so outside basketball practice the tennis ball became my life! I stole it from the family dog Salsa. I played for hours and got really good with this featherweight of a ball and after a while my heart was set on getting my own ball and trainers. With this new motivation flowing through my veins, there was one problem… There was no one to guide me towards my goal accept myself and I had to find self motivation.

I looked at what I had for skills to earn money, by now was just about to turn 13 years old so back then not much. I looked at my tennis ball and came up with the idea to shoot the ball at school lunch break for change. I got loads of kids from school to start betting on my tennis ball shooting and I started making some money. Things were going great but again it weren’t enough to buy my gear… So I started having my eyes peeled for another opportunity. My friend Ramón’s whole family was Cuban and his sister couldn’t speak any English and there was my opportunity. I got myself introduced and pitched teaching English to her… Although she saw I was young she took me on and I started teaching her twice a week. With both hustles, within 2 months the day soon came when I could finally buy my basketball and trainers. I remember holding them so tight on the bus ride home after purchasing them… Nervous wanting to get my new stuff back home safely.

This and many more stories have led me to today. Having played basketball for a living now, these are stories you never forget. Pictures of me below

(That’s me… The “tennis ball boy” 6 years later)

To be continued…

Find self motivation. Get inspiration from quotes and stories. Who do you want to prove you can achieve things to? Let that fire burn inside and get you going because everyday is still another challenge. At times, especially for entrepreneurs and dreamers, there is only self motivation, belief and faith.

Thanks for reading!

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