“A key to understanding the world, is understanding ourselves.” Maximillion Simon

Stress has always been a main factor in many of our daily lives, especially in the times we are in now more than ever. This condition has shaped the world, our families and us as individuals.

Is this due to the world we currently live in? Is this due to the circles and circumstances we are in? Although on the surface it definitely seems that way, if you look deeper there’s a different answer. The problem lies within us as individuals and we must know that this is not a negative thing! We are all on a journey

Over the next few days, I will lightly go over a few points that just explain my opinion on Stress and Stress Management. Hope this helps and as always thanks for reading.

1. Nothing worth something comes easy 

Why is life so hard? Why do I feel so stressed? Firstly nothing really worth having comes easy and that also includes Peace of mind, Oneness and Balance. In some cases and religions, these things take lifetimes to achieve and some even dedicate their whole lives searching for it like Buddhist Monks.

Everyday challenges can build stress within us and that’s normal. Applying this simple point in your life can relieve stress instantly, because the Stress has been positively validated. Make sure what you’re doing is worth going through the trials and tribulations for, and have goals set out for yourself, no matter how small or big!

If life was easy, everyone would be living it! So also be greatful for your current situation. Some people’s goal today is where to find their next meal or to learn how to even read like you are now.

Looking at things this way will start taking away some of the daily moans and groans we have that subconsciously contribute slowly but surely to our stress levels!

This is part 1 of my Stress Management series. Part 2 will touch on “Self Belief” and what effect that has on the ways we deal with stress. 

Thanks for reading! Stay stress free people and have a great day!

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