“May all your dreams come true, even the ones they laughed at”. Unkown

Hi readers and friends! This is part 2 in the Stress Management series and today I’m lightly touching on “self belief”as this is a major contributor to our daily stress related situations.

Part 1 covered “Nothing worth something comes easy” so if you didn’t get to read that, please feel free to check that out on my last post.

Do you feel uninspired? Anxious about your abilities to succeed? Don’t feel powerful enough?

The first thing I’d like to say is that you are not alone. It is very easy in this state of mind to feel like you are alone in this and start creating walls around yourself. In doing this, it applies tons of self pressure and ultimately massive stress.

Being a Sportsman, I’ve encountered these states countless times in my career with the highs and lows of the profession! Belief and Self confidence are the only things we have left sometimes in this world, it’s out last line of defense!… If we lose that, which can and does happen sometimes; We need to know how to fight back because if it gets too deep, this state will not only bring stress but also anxiety, depression and effects on our very important daily decision making.

2. Believe in yourself

We have to believe in our own power as human beings; in this we underestimate ourselves every day and this has lead to us being easily controlled. The subject of self belief is very deep so today I will cover a small part that I believe is very important to all of us.

I will prove to you right now that we all carry the self belief trait within us!

Whether you are at home right now or at work, I want you to take a moment and think back to your childhood. In class or at home there was always that popular question…What do you want to be when you grow up? Remind yourself… What did you want to be?

Popular answers were Doctor, Astronaut, Singer, Acting, Sports, Business etc (Please feel free to comment and tell me what you wanted to be)… As children we truly believed at some point that we could be these people and to those that have become these people I congratulate you!

In our childhood stage, many of us are less affected by the harsh realities of the Adult world and fully inspired in self belief. Our inner child is screaming out at the beginning and as the Adult life takes over, the battle commences and that inner child is left barley whispering in defeat! Life does throw us many curve-balls and we do what we feel we must as adults but the inner child still needs to be fed once every while to manage our stress levels.

The inner child is still very much alive in all of us and just because we didn’t make it onto Hollywood screens it doesn’t mean that the inner child should be ignored. The Stars of today believe it or not have their own self belief problems, their on the same journey as everyone else and in many cases even harder because of their lifestyles.

A way to gain back some self belief for let's say the inner child Actor/Actress, would be to make time to attend an acting class or to start writing a short story. For the inner child Singer, write a new song and go record in the studio! For the inner child Astronaut, to book tickets to the next convention and buy a telescope.

The point is that ignoring the inner child can create frustration, a sense of no direction and also inner tension that will build up over time creating anger issues. This is all relevant towards our Stress Management, we all have the abilities within us to enjoy our inner child and watch it grow in self belief!

Thanks for reading, reach out to your inner child this week and have fun! Please feel free to comment, ask questions or write me. Part 3 will cover “The Universe and Karma” should be fun!

“Believe in yourself and your unique abilities. If you believe you can make a difference, believe me, you will!”. Maximillion Simon

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