4. How we act? Reaction (Emotions)/Response (Mind) 

Now the Universe will throw unexpected situations into our lives. In my opinion there’s no point trying to figure out why because we are not in control of that. But what we can be in control of is how we receive and perceive that situation. We can react or respond to it!

A reaction will come from the senses and emotions, which can be really hard to make, thought through decisions with because this is our impulsive/animal nature side of us. For example in an argument when you react to something it usually leads to saying/doing something that you may not intend rationally to do. On the other hand when you respond, you are using your mind and discernment to make a thought through decision. In that same argument, by responding you will most likely do what you rationally intend to do/achieve in that situation.

We respond through our spiritual/ knowledge side of ourselves. The more knowledge and spirit we have, the more control we can have in our everyday actions. The way we act toward any situation will be part of our Karma and that will form part of our current or distant future.

The last point in the series will show how one thing isn’t more necessary or better than another because all is necessary. For example, we also need to react instead of respond to certain situations when we need to think fast and make quick decisions.

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