5. Balance: All is necessary

“The light is nothing without the dark” Maximillion Simon

The polarity/ duality of the universe is as such because both sides of the coin are necessary for our lives. Good/Bad, Happy/Sad, Stress/Relax are all needed in the world we are in so we can always define and appreciate our present state, no matter how positive or negative.

As a basketball player both winning and losing are necessary for me in my journey. If I had never lost, I would never know how it feels to win. The reason why winning is exciting is only because of the possibility of losing. This makes you honest, makes you work hard and provides the balance needed to create the experience I can learn from every time.

Life is learning and by learning we gain the experience we need to push ourselves through the next levels or through what the universe has next to throw at us. So when judging a situation, do it with the understanding that, all is necessary in all things and at all times. This will help us respond easier rather than react but remember again that both responding and reacting are necessary. Reaction is also more useful than response in other situations such as when we are in danger, when we need to think quickly and be impulsive.

“All in each case of everything is necessary” Maximillion Simon

Thanks again for reading. I’m also trying to implement these things into my everyday life and it’s an everyday work in progress. Peace and Love to everybody and remember the power is within us!

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