On a full moon night, I went outside with a close companion to admire the full moon. It had been a very busy time, full of changes!… I needed to refresh my personal intentions for my path in my current stage in life. I was looking for a sign and there it came to me in the middle of meditation.

I had to give myself permission! Permission to be great! The permission to let the path be exactly what it needs to be for me! To give myself permission to take on these new challenges! To give myself permission to rise and persevere, not from a low but from a beginning of a high! I had to give myself the permission!

Like Lao Tzu said about nature… That nature is not in a rush but all still seems to manifest! Being still in your mind can be a very scary thing because you have to confront yourself and your ego. The ego was created and shaped by our life experiences and we become dependent on our ego for protection, confidence and reassurance.

Ego is not a bad thing if nurtured right, it can be our superpower! But all superheroes have one thing in common… THE BATTLE WITHIN is their biggest challenge and in overcoming it, they give themselves the permission to be great! Permission to be extraordinary and to do the impossible!

I’m not saying that this is a quick fix situation to deal with or to be in a rush to do this now! Getting to this point takes time, perseverance and self belief. Putting trust in your path or in the order of things can be a real tough task to do because of the feeling of having no control, but if you think about it… What real control does anyone have anyway in anything other than the now?

In my opinion, we should trust our instincts and our ability to survive, like nature trusts itself to get through the seasons and like we’ve been doing ourselves since the day we was born. We didn’t know what breathing was as babies, but we didn’t need to know because our natural instincts took over and we found the way! Such a phenomena and many more happened all on their own, and there’s much more to come for all of us! #believe

“We was born to lose, but built to win!” Always remember that, so let the games begin

Wish me luck people, I’m really going through a transitional period right now and I’m very optimistic. I wish the best for all of you also because you are me and I am you! Thanks for reading and Blessings to you all.

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