RE:Action has been created specifically for career makers and promoters in Universities and Organisations in the UK, to show the progressive journeys for employment for those in or in between a social strata in society. By making the invisible, visible we will support organisations and educational establishments to showcase and amplify the path to attainment for those who want to fulfil their career ambitions. We are unlike others who discuss Social Mobility, as we are changemakers in righting sociocultural bias.

Together we can support the ambitions and aptitude of those looking to advance their career from within or in between social strata's, especially those from a BAME background. By providing clarity through visible and defined career journeys, self attainment is undeniable. With a commitment to uncover and promote the choices available, we can all support equality in all opportunity. In association with TG Consulting, RE:Action is our new service. Providing you with a tailormade innovative approach, to support those on the journey of becoming who they want to be. Together we can discover the best talent for UK economy, no matter their background or Ethnicity.


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