Sports and Entertainment Performance 

I.A.M.I.A.M PROGRAM (1 day- 6 weeks)

The I.A.M.I.A.M program helps Athletes and Entertainers step into their Peak Empowerment by elevating Mindset, for Achievement and Fulfilment.


This 6 week program focuses on the personal development of individuals and teams in the industry. As a former professional athlete and entertainer, I’ve become passionate about the Mental Health and Wellbeing struggles that we face everyday.  We believe that the Mind has to have its work outs, just as much as the body. This dramatically improves individual and team performance on and off the field/stage.


The stigma as an athlete and entertainer is to not talk about the issues that center around the daily high performance levels and pressures of the industry. Stress, Anxiety and Depression among many are increasing in athletes and entertainers around the world, resulting in…


  • Fluctuating Performance levels.

  • Mental/Emotional Health problems. 

  • Financial issues.

  • A failure to plan for Life after the Industry.


A diagram of the I.A.M.I.A.M program below, depicts how the 6 week program works for our clients.


















The goal is for these special individuals to use the full life cycle of their abilities, On and Off the field! The goal is to help elongate careers in the industry, so we can continue to bring creativity and light into the world as Athletes and Entertainers. 


The I.A.M.I.A.M program also helps prepare for life after sports and entertainment, which is imperative for athletes to start on at any stage.


This program is for both individuals and teams in sports and entertainment.

If you and your team are interested in this special program, send over an email at ( or book your free Strategy Session today online!

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